Python How Tos

This section will provide ‘how-to’s on many basic concepts in Python, Numpy, Scipy and Jupyter Notebooks. The aim of this is to provide a reference for anyone who needs reminding of how to do certain tasks in Python.

The links below will take you to the UCD Physics ‘How-To’ repository on GitHub.

From any of the HowTo Notebooks on Github you can click the ‘open in colab’ link which will open a copy of the page in Google Colab where you can easily run the code yourself and edit it to check if the changes do as you expect !
The Jupyter notebooks should be rendered statically on Github from which you can click the colab link to open in Google Colab. However, some old browsers do not show the GitHub-rendered notebooks. If the notebooks do not render then please try another browser.
Table of Contents

Fundamental Python

Jupyter Notebooks

Numpy & Scipy


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