Beech Hill

The UCD School of Physics has relocated to the L.M.I. Building in Beech Hill from September 2023 while the Science Phase III upgrade is in progress. This building is just beyond the edge of campus, less than 200 m from UCD Nexus.

The Stage 3 and Stage 4 Advanced Laboratories are now located in Beech Hill on the ground and first floors of the B wing.

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L.M.I Building Beech Hill
L.M.I. Building Beech Hill


The full address of the School of Physics in Beech Hill is:

UCD School of Physics
L.M.I. Main Building
Beech Hill Road
Dublin 4
D04 P7W1

Building on Google Maps

Google map link to building

How to walk/cycle to Beech Hill from the main Belfield Campus

The main entrance to the L.M.I. Building is from Beech Hill Rd.

However, if walking or cycling from the main Belfield campus then there is a faster way through campus and the grounds of a couple of office blocks.

Using this route it is approximately a 1 km walk from the Science Complex in Belfied to the School of Physics Beech Hill, a distance comparable to that between some buildings on the Belfield campus.

Unfortunately Google Maps does automatically determine (yet) the optimum route for walking.

The key steps are, departing from UCD Science:

  • walk along the side of UCD Health Sciences facing the Student Centre
  • turn right and then left (around car park) and walk beside the UCD Bowl (opposit the Hockey stadium)
  • after the UCD Bowl turn right and then left (if you enter the next field with the new all-weather rugby pitch you have gone too far).
  • walk past an all-weather pitch and at UCD track take a right turn and pass through a gate
  • keep straight coming out of gate and walk around building complex to the far corner (i.e. directly opposite the gate) passing UCD Nexus on your left.
  • at the corner near UCD Nexus go through a walkway to Bool House and go right.
  • from here you should see directly opposite a fence with a gate, going through which brings you to the LMI Building.

Walking route from UCD Science on Google Maps

Here is a google map of the fastest walking route: