COVID-19 Laboratory Protocol

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You should sign in/out of the lab using the Google form accessed via the QR codes posted in the labs.

This information will be used for keeping lab attendance records and COVID-19 contact tracing if required.

General rules

  1. Windows will be kept open as much as possible.

  2. There is absolutely no eating or drinking in the lab.

  3. Labs will be open from 11am-6pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. If you are taking data you should be in the lab during your timetabled hours. The labs will not be open on Monday and Fridays.

  4. Doors into the labs will be kept open, except for dark rooms, to avoid any bumping into each other coming in and out.

  5. Hand sanitisers will be beside the door for each of the labs; i.e. for use going into and coming out of the lab.

  6. Equipment and benches to be wiped down by students regularly and certainly before/after each experiment.

  7. Students should work at their assigned experiment and avoid unnecessary circulation around or between labs.

  8. Do not switch equipment between experiments. Ask staff/demonstrators if you think there is a problem with your equipment.

  9. Shared equipment eg Gauss meter, should be returned after use to Paul. It should be cleaned before and after use.

  10. Nothing to be left behind on benches. Anything left behind at the end of a session will be binned.

  11. Bags, jackets etc to be stored safely near your experiment.