Report Writing & Plagiarism

A guide to writing laboratory reports.

Report Writing

Guidelines for the preparation of reports in the Stage 3 and Stage 4 Advanced Laboratories can be found here: ReportGuidelines.pdf

Computational Lab. Reports


Students are reminded that they are expected to develop and demonstrate indepentdent critical-thinking skills, and where they include material in reports that is not their own original work then it must be appropriately acknowledged and referenced. Academic integrity is of the utmost importance and breaches are considered unacceptable.

Citing Information and Avoiding Plagiarism

Information on “Citing Information and Avoiding Plagiarism” is provided by the UCD Library here

Advanced Laboratories Plagiarism Document

At the start of Stage 3 all students in the Advanced Laboratories are required to read and sign the UCD School of Physics Advanced Laboratories Plagiarism Document

Additional Information

Students are encouraged to read the UCD Student Conduct web page and especially the section on “Avoiding Plagiarism”.

In particular, students should be aware of the Student Plagiarism Policy - Student Guide and the Amber Plagiarism Tariff System which UCD has adopted in cases where plagiarism has been found to have occurred.